Joint capsule collection
Tina Karol & Kachorovska

The Tina Karol x Kachorovska collection, which includes sandals, clogs and a handbag-jewelry, went on sale on December 7, 2020.

The work lasted for almost a year. Tina Karol participated directly in the development and creation of each model and put a lot of effort and time in it: she drew sketches, carefully selected fabrics and coordinated the smallest details.

“I immersed myself in all the technological nuances. From personal experience, I know what it's like when your feet are buzzing from uncomfortable heels, even if they are beautiful. No beauty is worthy of your suffering. Therefore, this collection is designed with a very comfortable last and the toes lie perfectly flat on the sole” - says the singer.

Olya Dzei, Kachorovska Design Bureau: “Tina is very demanding on details, so we had a lot of working meetings. It was important for her to know what each seam and each fold would look like. She is well versed in shoes, which should be spectacular and comfortable, and we benefited from her experience.”

So, the Tina pumps embodied two ideas of the singer: to make the heel unusually low and to hang jewelry on the sole.

The comfortable last has its own history. Olya Dzei: “We developed it completely by ourselves at the Kachorovska. I spent hours discussing all the details with the masters of the shoe manufacture in Italy, drawing sketches for them in facetime, showing what the toes should look like.”

Every detail is thought out in the collection. Shoes and a bag are made of special wear-resistant satin (pumps - from pleated satin). The rubber band on the clog strap adjusts it to any rise of the foot and the strap itself is lined with stones.

The Tina little bag is 100% handmade and requires a lot of time and skill. Much attention is paid to the fittings and the perfect combination of all its elements. The chain for the bag was made at a factory in Italy. The decoration on the pumps is attached with the jewelry fastening made by real masters. Swarovski crystals of special transparency and shimmer were used as decoration.

“I was inspired by Ukrainian women for the creation of this collection. We have been taught to be more modest than necessary. Our women are fantastic and it's time they feel more love for themselves. Our main message is that there is love inside you and there is happiness inside you. Don't wait for the perfect moment, create a holiday for yourself. “ - says Tina about the idea of the collection.

The Tina Karol x Kachorovska collection was released on the eve of the New Year, the campaign before its launch started with a series of videos "Celebrate yourself." The idea of the campaign is to draw attention to the domestic burden on women, which is growing during the holidays.

Alina Kachorovska, a co-founder of the Kachorovska brand: “It is hardly possible to persuade millions of Ukrainian women to stop serving everyone around them in a few seconds and finally take care of themselves, their condition and mood during the holidays, but Tina and I would like to draw your attention to this very much. Let's see the holiday in ourselves and our loved ones, not in the million things that really need to be done before the clock strikes 12. Celebrate yourself. Think about the way you see and feel instead of a pan of Russian salad. That's what our series of stories is about.”

The scripts are based on a mix of fantastic situations in the everyday life context, which are visually stylized to resemble a movie of the mid-50's.

Maria Slenzak, the Kachorovska's art director: “We wanted to create the atmosphere of humor, but not to be ridiculous. It was important to convey the beauty, elegance, effortlessness and mood of the collection.

We worked out the colors, the light, the shadows, the style and every little detail together with a large team. It seems that we have managed to create a relaxed and stylistically coherent story.”

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