The Kachorovska shoe brand
is being transf ormed into the Kacho Group holding

Alina Kachorovska told Yulia Savostina (Made In Ukraine) what projects he will unite and why his clients need it

We understand that our expertise in the production of footwear, shoe sales and marketing goes beyond one brand. That is why we jump out of the Kachorovska brand cage. We cherish it, love it tenderly, but at the same time we are developing into a holding company, the Kacho Group, and gather four projects under this umbrella. Over the last seven years, we have received inquiries from all directions: to develop something for the brand, to buy a franchise, to do something with coffee and so on. Finally, we separated them, packed them up and figured out how to manage them.

The holding will have four directions. The Kachorovska brand already exists and we have started work on three more brands. Our slogan is "happy experiences", because what Kachorovska managed to do, what I, a girl named Alina from Zhytomyr, managed to do over 15 years without investments, becoming the owner through natural development, is a happy experience. Of course, this is not my story only; there are my mother and husband. I am just telling it. People come to us both for shoes and experiences and we want all our projects to give people happy experiences.

We are currently working on rebranding of the Kachorovska coffee shop and it is also ready to jump out of its cage. There will also be services that we have been providing to Ukrainian designers for fourteen years. These are services on developing products and collections for other brands - Kachorovska laboratory. Here we have a really great expertise, our shoes were at all catwalks and fashion weeks - New York, Paris, Milan, London, Georgia, and we are proud of that. The last thing, also about expertise, is Factory 1957, as a starting point of history. In 1957, my grandmother began making shoes in the Soviet Union. We now fulfill wholesale orders for designers and brands. If you are ready to order a lot, it will be made at Factory 1957. There are two more ideas and one of them is a national project related to lifestyle. We are now starting to work on it.

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