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Collaboration Kachorovska & KSENIASCHNAIDER

The Kachorovska X KSENIASCHNAIDER capsule collection of shoes and clothing went on sale on September 8th. And from September 10th to 16th during Fashion Week in New York, Kachorovska X KSENIASCHNAIDER shoes can be purchased at the ARCHETYPE SHOWROOM in Manhattan.


The joint Kachorovska X KSENIASCHNAIDER collection, called Wild At Heart, features mules, Cossack boots, ankle boots, leggings and hoodies

The work on the capsule collection lasted almost six months. Shoes from Wild At Heart are reminiscent of the season’s Wild West trend, but the style of KSENIASCHNAIDER is also noticeably felt in the designs. This is not the traditional cowboy boot, but a look at it from the 21st century — a futuristic Western

The capsule collection combines the digital, slightly grunge mood of KSENIASCHNAIDER with perfectly thought-out design and technology from the Kachorovska design bureau. All three shoe designs are made of white components only — from the lining to the thread and soles. The soles were developed exclusively in Italy, and working in this color was a first for the manufacturer.

An original detail is the embroidery on the toe caps of shoes. Instead of a cowboy-style ornament, Anton Schnaider suggested an image of sun and seagulls over the sea, which was embroidered manually on every pair at the Kachorovska factory.

Anton Schnaider says

“The collaborations are always interesting: what’s going to happen if these two things meet? Let's pit Godzilla against King Kong, Predator against Alien, two different brands — and see what we get.”

All designs of footwear are easy to care for, despite the white color. Smooth leather with a finish can be simply washed with water or wiped with a damp cloth. The heels are painted with special wear-resistant paint, protecting them from scratches.

Kachorovska paid particular attention to refining the proportions, so the boots and mules will suit women of any height.

Starting September 8th, the Kachorovska X KSENIASCHNAIDER capsule collection will be available at Kachorovska stores in Kyiv, Odessa and at


We decided to test the snow-white shoes in nature. The road movie genre further defined the plot: about freedom, about fresh air and a fresh perception, an escape from urban anxiety and information pollution. Filming took place near Kyiv.

Here’s what Maria Slenzak, Creative Director at Kacho Group, author of idea and producer of the campaign has to say about it

“This is a diary of a journey to yourself. I wanted to make a story about a trip as realistic as possible, one we’ve all had. With music to suit the mood. And with the mood as is, no needless posturing.”

In the campaign, Kachorovska X KSENIASCHNAIDER collection is worn by Yulia Khromtsova, video was directed by Andrew Himich.

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