1957 coffebar is a franchise network of coffee shops, founded in 2015
Long before the appearance of the Kachorovska brand, customers came to the Kachorovska studio both for shoes and for the “atmosphere”. The family was known for their hospitality and talent for communication.

Not surprisingly, the Kachorovska stores have naturally transformed into something more. Each of them has the 1957 coffebar - a stylish and cozy third-wave coffee shop, as well as a hospitable place for meetings and events - lectures, workshops, public talks.

High quality coffee and delicious breakfasts are appreciated here. That is why special roast coffee is prepared by professional baristas and breakfasts are served throughout the day. Here we take care of the well-being and mood of the guests, so healthy food and delicious desserts are always waiting for them.

Of course, there is a special atmosphere, similar to that of a small family studio. 1957 coffebar is a place where you meet friends, old, present or future. A place where you want to spend more time because you feel its benefits.

1957 coffebar is a brand with a code of hospitality, high standards of work, recognizable style and a large audience.

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