This story began in 1957, when the future grandmother of Alina Kachorovska started her work as a seamstress in a shoemaking cooperative in Zhytomyr. Since then, the Kachorovski family has been making shoes.
A lot has changed but our values remain the same. We strive to feel happiness in each of our products and we feel it when we create high quality and beautiful things.

For more than half a century, Kachorovski have worked in the format of a family studio, restoring the tradition of bespoke shoemaking and technologies. We have taken measurements of tens of thousands feet and have fulfilled tens of thousands individual orders.

In 2015, we were able to launch a ready-made shoe line.

Kachorovska is a unique brand that has developed from bespoke shoemaking to commercial production. We started in a small shop with a team of 7 people. Now our facility in Zhytomyr have more than 100 employees and our own design studio is working on the collections - 10 specialists with professional education and unique experiences.

A new factory is currently being built in Zhytomyr. Our shoes, clothes and bags are high quality and beautiful products at a fair price. They are worn worldwide; celebrities and public persons chose them.

The Kachorovska shoes have very comfortable lasts, which are made for our special orders in Italy at a manufacture with an 80-year history. Each pair of shoes undergoes crash tests on 10 feet until it is completed.

thousands subscribers in
social networks
traffic to
the site
released samples
for the year

Today Kachorovska is

studio for individual tailoring
of clothes and bags
chain of retail stores
in Kyiv and Odesa
online store with
worldwide delivery

We work in the format of a hybrid retail

Kachorovska is not a classic store, but a space where several branches of business
coexist - a shop, a coffee shop and a studio working on customer orders

Kachorovska is still a family company. Alina Kachorovska (Ocheretyana), her husband
Ruslan Ocheretyany and her mother Olena Kachorovska have been developing the business for the last 12 years.
Each of the co-owners is present in the formula of the brand “high quality + beauty = happiness”


Quality is the leading criterion for evaluating the product for Olena. Ruslan has a talent for creating beautiful
things and spaces. For Alina, it is extremely important that there is a positive emotion in everything that Kachorovska does.

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